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What we do

Intechnics Germany is global player for the industry and industry related firms. We are a team of strategic sourcing experts and specialized for the procurement of MRO products (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) as well as industrial products and materials for the preparation of new industrial plants.
Our Clients profitability is based on their purchase advantage. It is a simple calculation. A single purchase is time consuming and hard to follow up with single suppliers. This is where the industry is working preferably with us, because we have existing contracts and benefit from better purchase prices. Our clients normally wouldn?t be able to buy cheaper then us because we combine orders and benefit from bulk ordering. Buying MRO Items depends simply on efficient and strategic procurement.

Our strength is our long-term relationships with manufacturers and our experience. We are a competent, german and reliable partner who not just sells, but also serves the client with a great after sale service, no matter to what extent our customer needs our support.

We supply to the following industries:

  • Automotive industry

  • Automotive

  • Chemical industry

  • Petroleum industry

  • Gas industry

  • industry for power generation

  • Large plants Tooling

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Food industry

  • Steel industry

  • Metallurgy

  • Energy industry

  • Printing industry

  • Shipping

  • Beverage industry

  • Glass industry

  • Plastics industry

  • Timber

  • Coal industry

  • Mining


The e-procurement is one of the biggest growth markets and is a strategic business unit. We have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers a professional and future-oriented procurement platform. The professional procurement of MRO items is our focus.
Intechnics Businessplan

Direct advantages of industrial enterprises using our services

  • reduce your fixed costs & convert your fixed costs into variable costs

  • The transformation of costs in resources

  • Relief of customers with less management of manufacturers / suppliers

  • reducing your storage costs

  • become more efficient with one single, integrated delivery

  • optimize your profit by exploiting our conditions with the manufacturers / suppliers

  • get the best product at the best price

  • procurement through us lets you focus on the actual core business

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